Commission me

I am currently available for illustration work.

The mediums I use are primarily digital and watercolour.

Send me an email and let’s get talking.

(Please note: I do not copy, recreate, replicate or otherwise infringe on other artist’s work).

Got Questions?

How much will a commission cost?

It all depends on what you would like to commission. There are a few factors to consider such as the medium (digital, traditional), the size, the amount of detail in the piece and the amount of time it takes to complete. Feel free to get in touch and ask me more about it here.

How much do prints cost?

Most of my work can be ordered as a print. Please don’t hesitate to email me if you’re interested.

Prints range in price due to the size and material options.

Canvas prints start from about $130 for an 18 inch x 12 inch size. They come stretched over a high quality hardwood ready to hang. My printer offers a 75 year guarantee for all canvas prints.

Fine Art prints start from about $40 for a 12 inch x 8 inch size. The fine art paper my printer uses is made from a 100% high grade cotton that has been rolled into the most beautiful quality printing paper. Framing is optional and comes at additional cost.

Poster prints start from $30 for an A4 size.  Posters are printed on 250gsm paper which is three times thicker than standard paper. They are then laminated with a satin cold laminate which offers protection against dirt, moisture and abrasion.

What is the difference between digital and traditional?

Digital art can be created in many different ways. For my digital work I use a stylus, which is just like using a regular pen but instead of drawing on paper I draw straight onto the screen of my tablet. So it is basically a digital sketch book.

Digital art requires printing if you want to hang it on your walls. My prints are all done in Australia with professional quality canvas, fine art paper or poster paper. There are also heaps of options for sizes and framing. You can request a quote here.

Traditional art is using materials such as paint, ink, pencils, watercolour and markers. It can be created on anything from canvas, paper, wood, walls and more.